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UNIV 100: Freshman Seminar

This guide is for freshmen students currently taking University 100.

Annotated Bibliography Exercise


  • Read the article and answer these four questions about their article. (You should open up a word document and type out their answers, at least one sentence per question.) Go to the Annotated Bibliography tab for the example to format your paper. 

1. Summary: What was the article about? What was the main point? Pro-tip, avoid using the first person (words like I, we, you, etc.) here.                                                      

2. Why is this source useful or relevant? Why would you potentially use this for your research? (If you were conducting research on this topic)                                                

3. What conclusions are reached and how does this author support them? Find an example from the data presented that best illustrates that value of the source.

4. Evaluation: How reliable is the source? Pro-tip: things to consider: Author's credibility, content & coverage, timeliness, accuracy and objectivity.