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MUS 601: Techniques of Music and Bibliography in Music

Printed Music (M)

Solo instruments: M6 - M175

Chamber music: M177 - M990

Large ensemble music: M1000 - M1356

Secular vocal music: M1497 - M1998

Sacred vocal music: M1999 - M2199

Musical instruction and study (MT)

Orchestration: MT70

Instrumental techniques: MT170 - MT810

Singing: MT820 - MT949

Literature about music (ML)

Libretti: ML49 - ML50

Encyclopedias/dictionaries: ML100 - ML109

Discographies/bibliographies of composers: ML128 - ML134

Music history: ML162 - ML350

Composer/musician biographies: ML410 - ML950

Books about individual instruments: ML549 - ML950

Popular music (rock, hip hop, etc.): ML3469 - ML3541

Other books related to music

Most materials related to Music are housed in  TCC/Music & Media, but some materials are elsewhere in the library. These are just a few examples.

Music copyright: K 1450 

Physics of music: QC 231

Algorithmic composition: QA 403

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