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MUS 601: Techniques of Music and Bibliography in Music

Plagiarism: What you think it is vs. What it really is

[Plagiarism: What you think it is versus. What it really is]


What You Think It is

What It Really Is

Plagiarism is Harmless?

Plagiarism can affect your academic standing (e.g. fail, expulsion) and harm those whose ideas you use without giving credit.

It’s not wrong if I do it accidentally?

CSUN has clear rules about plagiarism and it’s your responsibility to follow them.

If you rewrite it, it’s not plagiarism?

You must always cite another person’s work regardless of how you have altered it.  

You don’t have to cite your own work?

This is called self-plagiarism and it’s wrong and can be illegal.   

Plagiarism is all about how much you plagiarize?

The amount doesn’t matter.  

Plagiarism only matters in the courses in your major?

The consequences of plagiarism are the same regardless of the course.

It’s only a problem in schools?

Acts of plagiarism can destroy your career and professional reputation.

American students never plagiarize?

Plagiarism also occurs among domestic students, don’t hesitate to ask questions if you are confused.

Avoiding plagiarism

Guidance from the Chicago Manual of Style:

More citing resources

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