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CHS 202: Race, Racism and Critical Thinking

Race, Racism and Critical Thinking

Which databases can we search for legal research?

Nexis Uni (Lexis Nexis)

Using Nexis Uni for Federal Cases

To find a legal case in Nexis Uni, first remember that not all court cases are available on the database. CSUN doesn't have a law school so the collection is mostly high level federal and state cases. You can also use law reviews in your legal research, this is particularly helpful for cases that are more popular (i.e. People v O.J. Simpson).  


Start by logging into Nexis Uni

1) Select "cases"

2) Select "federal" 

3) You can also use a citation, for Mendez v Westminster, the citation would be 161 F.2d 774.  

undefined4) After you open the case you have options to print, email, and export the citation of the case (APA, MLA, or Chicago Style). 


5) To obtain the citation of the case for your paper (this is different from the legal citation mentioned earlier, 161F.2d 774). These are the citation style guides for your academic disciplines. Legal writing and citations have their own style guides. 



Additional Help with Nexis Uni

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