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Family and Consumer Sciences

Textiles, Clothing and Costumes Resources


California State University, Northridge
Compiled by Snowdy Dodson, Revised by Barbara Magnuson and Doris Helfer.   Last revised September 1, 2017.                          .

This bibliography is designed to provide suggestions for basic library materials for three aspects of textiles, clothing and costume: technical, business and esthetic. There are, of course, additional library resources. The Reference Librarians (on duty in the Reference Room) may be able to assist you in finding more material as required.

Library Locations: Most books and bound periodicals are on the top three floors of the library by call number. Some books and older periodicals are in storage and can be retrieved by using the online catalog and following the printed instructions. The online books and journals are accessible via the OneSearch database. The Learning Commons on the main floor is the location for many current  reference books.


Some important subject headings for textiles, clothing and costume are listed below.  A complete compilation of subject headings is in the Library of Congress Subject Headings which is available on book stands behind the Reference Desk   (the "big red books").   Here are some subject headings that you might be interested in if you are interested in finding books on fashion, textiles and fabrics:

  1. Advertising--Fashion 
  2. Arts and crafts movement
  3. Children--Costume
  4. Children's clothing
  5. Church vestments 
  6. Clothing and dress
  7. Clothing trade
  8. Costume
  9. Costume design
  10. Costume designers
  11. Dressmaking
  12. Dressmaking--Pattern design
  13. Dyes and dyeing
  14. Fashion
  15. Fashion drawing 
  16. Fashion merchandising
  17. Fashion shows
  18. Handicraft
  19. Inflammable textiles
  20. Labels--Law and legislation
  21. Men's clothing
  22. Men's clothing industry
  23. Tailoring
  24. Textile chemistry
  25. Textile design
  26. Textile designers
  27. Textile fabrics
  28. Textile industry
  29. Textile painting
  30. Weaving
  31. Women's clothing industry
  32. SEE ALSO:
    1. Names of types of clothing e.g. corset
    2. Names of types of fabrics e.g. cotton
    3. Names of groups of people with the subheading, "Clothing and dress," e.g.
    4. Indians of North America--Clothing and dress
    5. Subdivision "Clothing" under the name of a particular person


Selective Reference Sources


Selective Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, and Handbooks

Textile Databases

Indexing and abstracting services provide subject access to periodical literature and some access to dissertations, patents, reports and books as well. An index entry provides only enough information to identify and locate the material. In addition, an abstract service has summaries of article contents.

The following is a selection of indexing and abstracting services covering the subjects of textiles, clothing and costume.

  • ABI/Inform. Computerized index to business periodical articles with abstracts. Not available in print.
  • Applied Science and Technology Index. (Index Table 11 - Reference Room). An excellent source of periodical articles on the technical aspects of the manufacture of textiles and clothing: see the numerous subject headings beginning with Textile...also Dyes and dyeing.
  • Art Index v.1- 1929/32- (Index Table 6 - Reference Room).
    Good for costume/fashion, textiles, and interior design. Available on the web at URL ( Choose the Art Index database.
  • ArtStor Use ArtStor
  • Berg Fashion Library - The authority on world dress – discover a wide range of text and images from across cultures and throughout history. Berg Fashion Library’s content comes from eBooks, reference works, seminal essays, and museum partnerships authority on world dress – discover a wide range of text and images from across cultures and throughout history. Berg Fashion Library’s content comes from eBooks, reference works, seminal essays, and museum partnerships
  • Biological and Agricultural index. v.9- 1939/42- (Floor3 (Ref) Z5073 .A46 Not currently received). Covers the production of natural textile fibers such as cotton, flax, wool and jute, etc. Most recent issues are in the Reference Room and older issues are on Floor 3).
  • Business Abstracts with Full Text (H.W. Wilson). Use Business Abstracts with Full Text (H.W. Wilson) on WilsonWeb. Covers the economic and marketing aspects of the fashion, clothing, textile industries. Also good for consumer issues. Also available on the web at URL ( Choose Business Abstracts with Full Text (H.W. Wilson). For information prior to 1982 the Library has print version back to volume 1, 1958 available in the library under the title Business Periodicals Index on Floor 3 at Z7164.C81 B983 .
  • Chemical Abstracts Search Chemical Abstracts using SciFinder Scholar (requires registering for a unique login and password instructions for which can be found at the SciFinder Scholar page. Older volumes back to volume 1 in 1907 are available in print in the library on Floor 4 at QD1 .A51.
  • Chemical Abstracts. v.1- 1907- (Index Table 12- Reference Room). A major source of textile information; general subjects and chemical names and formelae are all accessible.
  • Proquest Dissertations & Theses. An abstracting service providing author and subject access to Ph.D. dissertations in the U.S. and Canada. The Library does not own most of the actual dissertations, but can help you acquire them through Interlibrary loan as the dissertations themselves usually reside only at the University where the dissertation was done. Also available on the web at URL ( Then select the Dissertations & Theses. 
  • Education Full Text v.1- 1929/32- (Index Table 6 - Reference Room). Indexes the periodicals: Journal of Home Economics and Forecast for Home Economics. Useful subject headings are Clothing and dress, Fashion, Junior high school students--Dress, High school students--Dress, Gymnasium suits, Knit-goods, Labels, Sewing, and those beginning with Textile. 
  • Current Index to Journals in Education (CIJE) and Resources in Education (RIE). (Index Table 6 - Reference Room). Broad coverage of journals (CIJE) and reports (RIE--library has these in microfiche by "ED-number") in child development and home economics education. Contains abstracts. Note: distinguish journal references by "EJ" numbers and report references by "ED" numbers preceding citations in ERIC. Also available via ERIC on the web at URL (
  • Compendex (Engineering Village). v.1- 1884/91-(Index Table 11 - Reference Room). Covers articles on the technical aspects of textiles production, dyeing, and processing.
  • Grove Art See Oxford Art Online.
  • Humanities Full Text. (Index Table 5 - Reference Room). Contains articles under the headings Clothing and dress and Textile industry. JSTOR Use JSTOR Arts & Sciences I, II, III, IV, V, VI, Complement; Biological Sciences, and Health & General Sciences Collections| Full Text
  • Lexis/Nexis Academic. This is a large collection of mostly "full-text" material from newspapers, periodicals, legal publications, business publications, etc. Available via Lexis-Nexis on the web at URL (
  • Psychological Abstracts.v.1- 1927- (Index Table 7- Reference Room). Abstracts articles and some books; good source for psychological aspects of dress. See headings such as "Clothing fashions." Online version is called PsycInfo and is available via the web at URL ( The online version has citations dating back from 1887 to the present.
  • Readers' Guide Retrospective (1890-1982) and Readers' Guide Full Text (1983-) Use Readers' Guide on WilsonWeb. Indexes fashion and other popular-interest magazines such as Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Time and Newsweek. Relevant subject headings include Clothing and dress, Costume, Fashion, and the names of textiles, items of clothing, and fashion designers. Covers popular magazines such as Time and Vogue, but few scholarly periodicals included.
  • World Textile Abstracts. v.2-25 1970-93 (WS1300 .W94 - Floor 4). An international source; British and foreign periodicals are emphasized; covers many periodicals which CSUN does not own. Library discontinued its subscription to this publication after 1993.

Selective Periodicals on Textiles and Fashion

The following selection of currently-received periodicals are of particular importance to the fields of textiles and clothing.

  1. American Dyestuff Reporter
  2. Clothing and Textiles Research Journal
  3. Dress, the Journal of the Costume Society
  4. Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal
  5. Gentlemen's Quarterly
  6. Harper's Bazaar
  7. Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences
  8. Mademoiselle 
  9. Textile Research Journal
  10. Textile World
  11. Vogue
  12. Women's Wear Daily (latest 6 months only)
  13. See also, Elegance. (TS 1300.E54, Reserve Book Room) A twice-yearly serial publication illustrating fashion collections; has fabric swatches.


Miscellaneous Other Sources