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HIST 497A - The British Empire Class

This guide is intended to support students enrolled in CSUN's History 497A.

Recommended Victorian Titles of Interest

Illustrated London News
The creator of the Illustrated London News, Herbert Ingram, announced that his magazine's concern would be "with the English poor" and that the "three essential elements of discussion with us will be the poor laws, the factory laws, and the working of the mining system." -- Description from Victorian Web

Punch, or the London Charivari , the famous illustrated magazine was founded by journalists Henry Mayhew (1812-87), Joseph Stirling Coyne (1803-68), and Mark Lemon (1809-7) in 1841 (first number published on 17 July). 


British Parliamentary Debates


The text of many parliamentary debates (also known as Hansard or the Official Report) can be accessed online for free, or via paid subscription services. Before 1803 parliamentary debates were unofficial and as such the records that exist are incomplete and collected from various private sources. Hansard (the official record of debates) was introduced in 1803, but it remained a selective record of debates until it became the Official Report in 1909. More information about the history of parliamentary debates and Hansard can be found in the House of Commons

Other Possible Online Victorian Titles of Interest

The Argosy
The Argosy was "a magazine of tales, travels, essays, and poems", published in London in the late 19th century. The first issue of The Argosy appeared in 1865. The last appeared in 1901. -- Description from the Online Books Page

Belgravia: a London Magazine

Belgravia: A London Magazine was a British literary magazine, published in the late 19th century. The publication with the November 1866 issue and ceased publication in 1899. -- Description from the Online Books Page

Bentley’s Miscellany

Published 1837 – 1868.

Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine

Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine was a monthly magazine published in Edinburgh, Scotland, and later in London, in the 19th and 20th century.

Cornhill Magazine

The Cornhill Magazine was a Victorian magazine and literary journal published in London from 1860 to 1975. 


Published from 1861 to about 1901. This publication includes lots of images.

Good Words

This periodical press of the 1860s was dominated by three illustrated magazines: The Cornhill Magazine, Once a Week, and Good Words. Good Words also contained miscellaneous literature, but was primarily intended as an ‘improving publication’ incorporating fine visual material. -- Description from Victorian Web

The London Journal

London Society

London Society was one of the most popular journals of its time. Presented as an illustrated magazine, it was set up in 1862 and continued until 1898. -- Description from Victorian Web

Quarterly Review

Began publication in 1809.

The Quiver: an Illustrated Magazine for Sunday & General Reading

"The Quiver (1861–1926) was established in 1861.

The Sunday Magazine

Established in 1864 and published until 1905, it contains the usual blend of moralizing poems and articles about self-improvement and the exercise of virtue; it also features miscellaneous literature in the form of short stories and serialized novels. -- Description from Victorian Web

The Above descriptions and more titles are found in greater length and depth on the following LibGuide"

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