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What is OneSearch? 

OneSearch is the Oviatt library's searching tool to locate book, ebooks, articles, videos and more provided by the Library. OneSearch has been adopted by all 23 CSU libraries giving the CSU system a shared platform to collaborate and share resources. 

What am I searching with OneSearch? 

By default, with OneSearch you are searching the following Oviatt Library collections together: 

  • Articles - A interdisciplinary collection of millions of articles from numerous databases and providers. 
  • Books and Media (CSUN) - Books, ebooks, DVDs, music, streaming media and more available through the Oviatt library. This also includes material located in the Teachers Curriculum Center, Music & Media and Special Collections & Archives.

Additionally the following collections are not included in the default search, but can be selected by the user: 

  • Course Reserves - Course materials placed in the library by professors and available for short term checkout. 
  • All CSU Libraries (CSU+) - Includes the books and media collections of all 23 campus libraries together. 


Other tools for searching are referred to as databases. Databases are usually specific to a subject area. In the education database, you can limit a search by grade level. In the psychology database, you can limit your search by age group. In the history database, you can limit your search by historical period (i.e. not publication date).

From the library's home page select the databaseslink. 

From the databases select the subject area that best fits your topic.

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