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International Business

This guide will help you find resources for international business and economics information.


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Lindsay Hansen Brown

Country Profiles

U.S. Department of State Background Notes

  • This link provides information on a country's culture/history, political/economy/country risk, travel/business contacts.

Library of Congress Country Studies

CIA World Factbook

  • Excellent country data, with more emphasis on geo-political and country infrastructure

Government links from Northwestern University

  • Links to global government sites, including ministries and governmental departments and public informatio

  • Offer topic profiles for doing business in specific countries.
  • Compares countries on various topics.


Historical Exchange Rates

  • Historical exchange rates between the U.S. dollar and major currencies

Currency Converter

  • Converts 164 currencies from 1990 onward

European Central Bank

  • Information on the Euro, also take a look at their statistics and publications

International Finance

International Monetary Fund

  • Data on lending, exchange rates, and country information

Institutional Investor

  • Latest news on capital markets, derivatives, emerging markets, and funds

U.S. Department of Treasury- International Capital System

  • U.S. transactions with foreigners in the capital markets

Federal Reserve System- Publications

  • Links to publications by the Federal Reserve Board

Global Economics


  • U.S. macroeconomic time series from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

U.S. Department of Agriculture- International Macroeconomic Data

  • Economic data from 1969-2017 including gross domestic product, exchange rates, consumer price index, and more

New York Federal Reserve

  • Capital Market and Global Economic Data, as well as leading economic and inflation indicators, plus research both present and historical from New York Federal Reserve.

International Monetary Fund- World Economic Outlook

  • Economic and financial research such as market updates, financial stability reports, and economic outlook databases

Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

  • Macroeconomic forecasting

World Resources Institute

  • Databases on government regulation, expenditure, GDP, labor, poverty, trade and more. Free registration required.

Importing and Exporting

U.S. Customs and Border Protection

  • Assistance for American businesses to plan their international business strategies from the U.S. Department of Commerce - has a short video and simple guide on how and why companies should export..

Trade Stats Express

  • Contains comprehensive data on Exports and Imports from and to U.S states to nations and economic organizations. Also includes state by state exports to countries and economic organizations.

Export- Import Bank of the U.S.

  • Publishes annual Performance and Competitiveness Reports

International Customs Tariffs Bureau

  • Information on tariffs in other countries


  • Helps small and medium enterprises in California get started with exporting.

US Small Business Administration's local Export Assistance Centers 

Bureau of Industry and Security 

  • Offers policy guidance and training on the export of potentially sensitive technology

International Demographic Data

U.S. Census Bureau - International Database

  • Includes both world population data and population statistics by country
  • Also includes demographic and vital statistics.

U.S. Census World Population Clock

United Nations - Demographic Yearbook

  • Population statistics, and in the special issues, ethnicity, language, housing, and more

Organizations and Coalitions

Transparency International

  • Global anti-corruption website

Institute of International Economics

  • Research institution devoted to international economic policy

Milken Institute

  • Global Economy reports, publications, and blogs

International Statistics

U.S. Census Bureau - International Statistical Agencies

  • List of each country’s statistical agencies


  • Brief statistics available for public access from the Statistical Office of the European Communities

United Nations- Statistics Division

  • Includes multiple databases on population, housing, oil, national accounts, trade, social indicators, and more

National Accounts of Japan

  • Japanese economic data, including annual and quarterly reporting on national accounts

Japan - Statistics Bureau Home Page

  • Links to Japanese national sites with economic, business, labor, business and population demographics

ASEAN Statistical Yearbook

  • Comprehensive statistical resource for the ASEAN nations, including population, health, economic, tourism, trade and more. Published annually

Population Reference Bureau DataFinder

  • Demographic and other population-related statistics; choose a geography for a list of available statistics

National Bureau of Statistics of China

The US-China Business Council

  • China statistics and analyses from the USBC

Business Statistics from GovHK

  • Links to Hong Kong government and business statistics

Regulations and Standards

International Organization for Standardization

  • Develops and publishes international standards

Financial Regulatory Agencies

  • Directory of financial regulatory agencies by Central Banking Publications

IOSCO Membership and Committees List

  • Directory of securities commissions by country

National Institute of Standards and Technology

  • U.S. and foreign voluntary standards in measurement, documents, and information technology

ASTM International Standards

  • Database of 12,000 standards from chemicals to metals and more


  • Directory of laws and regulations


U.S Trade Representative- Publications

  • Examines trade barriers to U.S. exports. Also includes trade data covering countries and various trade topics that include small business concerns and numerous industries considering exporting from the United States..

U.S. International Trade Commission - Tariff and Trade Dataweb

  • Import and export statistics, harmonized tariff schedule, and trade data. Also includes information on intellectual property, industry and economic analysis, and import injury.

U.S. Census Bureau - Foreign and International Trade Statistics

Free Trade Area of the Americas

  • Includes a trade and tariff database

World Trade Organization

  • Trade policy reviews, tariff information, trade barriers, as well as covering areas in goods, services, intellectual property,and dispute settlements.

International Trade Administration 

  • Data by industry

International Trade Centre

  • Trade information by country from the World Trade Organization and the United Nations Conference on Trade Development.Also includes trade information sources, trade contacts, country market analysis and more.

U.S. Trade Administration

  • Export statistics from U.S. states and metropolitan areas, and the TradeStats Express Database also has national trade dataSTAT-USA


  • See GLOBUS and NTDB. Major resource for info on Market Research Reports, Global Trade Directory, Global Agriculture, Commercial Trade Leads by Country, UN Trade Leads, International Trade Outlook, International Energy Outlook, more

Trade Stats Express

  • Contains comprehensive data on Exports and Imports from and to U.S states to nations and economic organizations. Also includes state by state exports to countries and economic organizations.

Foreign Direct Investment

Bureau of Economic Analysis

  • Includes both foreign direct investment in the U.S. and U.S. direct investment abroad
  • Covers International Services: Trade in Goods and Services,International Accounts, Direct Foreign Investment, U.S. Investment Abroad, Statistics, and more.

UNCTAD- World Investment Report

  • Report from the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

Foreign Direct Investment Magazine

  • Foreign direct investment news from Financial Times

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