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Journalism 495 EPR

The Journalism 495 Entertainment PR libguide provides Library resources to support the specific research assignment needs of Journalism 495 EPR students.

Search Databases

CQ Researcher - Explores a single hot issue in the news in depth each week; includes pros/cons of issues. Covers topics in health, social trends, criminal justice, international affairs, education, the environment, technology and the economy.

Opposing Viewpoints in Context - Online resource covering today's hottest social issues. Features viewpoint articles.

For additional multi-subject databases, see General Multi-Subject databases. For subject specific databases, see Cinema and Television Arts databases.

Developing Keywords

  1. Once you have chosen a topic, write it down in the form of a question or brief statement:
    • What is the relationship between diversity and the entertainment industry?
  2. Pull out the keywords and phrases that are most specific to your topic:
    • "diversity" and "entertainment industry"
  3. Take those keywords and phrases and brainstorm related terms, concepts or synonyms
    • diversity > "inclusion" or "equity"
    • entertainment industry > "Hollywood" or "movies"
    • film production > "performers" or "writers" or "producers" or "editors" or "artists"

Search in a Specific Publication

To search in a specific newspaper, magazine, or journal title, select the "Journals" link near the bottom, of the OneSearch box on the Library homepage. Enter the title of the publication and submit your search.

Or access specific publications below.


The Hollywood Reporter

The Los Angeles Times


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