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The Journalism 495 Entertainment PR libguide provides Library resources to support the specific research assignment needs of Journalism 495 EPR students.

JOUR 495 Entertainment PR Overview

The following Library and Internet resources are geared toward CSUN students who are studying how public relations functions within the entertainment industry.

Developing Keywords

  1. Once you have chosen a topic, write it down in the form of a question or brief statement:
    • What is the relationship between diversity and the entertainment industry?
  2. Pull out the keywords and phrases that are most specific to your topic:
    • "diversity" and "entertainment industry"
  3. Take those keywords and phrases and brainstorm related terms, concepts or synonyms
    • diversity > "inclusion" or "equity"
    • entertainment industry > "Hollywood" or "movies"
    • film production > "performers" or "writers" or "producers" or "editors" or "artists"

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