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CTVA 100: Introduction to Mass Communication

Advanced Search

Your searchable topics are informed by your assignment prompt. Consider the following example using the Advanced search function in OneSearch:

Figure 1: Multiple Search bars

Figure 1 illustrates multiple techniques to increase the relevance of your search results by using:

  • subject searching to ensure your results are reasonably ABOUT your search terms.
  • the "is (exact)" function from the drop menu to ensure that multiple words are searched as a single term.
  • the boolean operator "AND" to pull results that contain both sets of terms.

Figure 2: Subject terms in the catalog record

Figure 2 illustrates a catalog record produced by the subject search using the search terms "Film adaptations" and "gothic literature". Note how these terms appear in the subjects assigned to the resource, assuring that the resource is sufficiently about the search terms used in the search. 

Once your results are populated, use the filters on the left to isolate topics, resource types, peer-reviewed articles, and more.

Searching for information on mass media

By assigning the subjects "Communication history" and "Mass media history" to your search, you ensure your results will be about your course topic. Use the second search bar to add one of the assigned media types: books, newspapers, magazines, radio, sound recording, film, television and the internet. You might also try the search without the term "history".

Figure 1: Search sample for Communication and mass media history

You can refine your search further by using the filters for Resource Type. This will isolate the various types of sources required in your assignment. Use the additional filters for showing specific topics, peer-reviewed articles, or items available online. Also consider limiting pub lication dates next to the search bars to isolate more recent items.

Figure 2: Resource Type filter

Resource Type filter

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