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Deaf Studies

Deaf Studies Journals

Deaf Studies Journals – The University Library NCOD and Gallaudet

The Silent Worker is available online at Gallaudet University from 1888-1929 and from 1948-1966. It is also available in print at the University Library.

 Info from Gallaudet website about this publication:

The Silent Worker was a popular national newspaper among the deaf population of the United States during the end of the 1890's through the end of the first quarter of the 20th century. Originally known as The Deaf Mute Times, it was first published in February 1888 and renamed The Silent Worker on September 27 of the same year. The New Jersey School for the Deaf continued its publication monthly, except for July, August, and periodically September until it ceased in June 1929. Deaf American authors wrote almost all articles, although occasional contributions by deaf individuals from other countries were also printed. Gallaudet University Archives has converted their collection of The Silent Worker from 1888 to 1966 into digital format, and made it available on the World Wide Web for public research.

American Annals of the Deaf and Dumb (1847-1886) Available in print from the University Library and online for some years from 1847 - 1882.

--Also digitized at Gallaudet

--Title changed to:

American Annals of the Deaf (1886-2017) Available in print from the University Library  Also online from 1980 - current.

The Association Review 1899-1909 (American Association to Promote the Teaching of Speech to the Deaf) Available in print from the University Library

Silent News (1971-2002) Available in print from the University Library

Deaf American (1964-1989)  Available in print from the University Library  (Earlier title: Silent Worker. Later title: Deaf American Monograph available in print from the University Library 1990-1999.

The Silent Worker: Using Online Archives Handout

Requesting a Journal from NCOD Storage

Other Resources Available Online -- Gallaudet University

Other useful sources of information for this class have been digitized and are freely available online from Gallaudet University.

Deaf School Newsletters

The Little Paper Family  Newsletters from various states and time periods. (See especially the Alabama Banner  ,published by the Alabama School for Negro Deaf; the Virginia State School Bulletin; The Newscaster, publication of the West Virginia Schools for the Colored Deaf and Blind)


Historical Research - Useful Databases

Note: The following databases do not focus specifically on deaf-related topics, but on history in general. However, using search terms such as -deaf- will help you narrow your results.

Census Information

United States Census Data

1840 Census  was 6th census and first to count “insane” or “idiotic.” Data on disabilities by race are listed for each individual state.

1850 Census Data on disabilities by race are listed for each individual state and territory.

1860 Census overview info.

 The 1860 Census also contains additional information about the history of Deaf culture and education in the United States and internationally



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