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HIST 371: Problems in American History: 1865 to Present

This guide is intended to help students enrolled in History 371 locate research resources (books and articles) that meet their course assignment criteria.

How to Determine if Your Author is a Historian

Finding Historians

  • To determine if an author is a historian, you can search for them in Google.  If they are a living historian they will typically have a web site on a department of History web page or an author home page from a publisher outlining their credentials.  
  • When assessing a book, read the author's biography on the back page of the book's jacket cover.  Usually a "professor of history" is a historian, whereas a journalist would not be.
  • In JSTOR  you can typically findarticles authored by historians by searching for professional book reviews and articles within the History category subject area.
  • Many peer-reviewed scholarly articles list the educational credentials of the author within the body of the paper.

How to best locate historiography articles?

When you are trying to locate historiographical articles make certain to add the search term
historiography to your search term(s).  For instance enter the search string:

historiography AND prohibition AND United States

historiography AND carlisle industrial indian school

muckrackers AND historians OR historiography



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