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Academic Integrity

Plagiarism: What You Think It Is vs. What It Really Is

[Plagiarism: What you think it is versus. What it really is]


What You Think It is

What It Really Is

Plagiarism is Harmless?

Plagiarism can affect your academic standing (e.g. fail, expulsion) and harm those whose ideas you use without giving credit.

It’s not wrong if I do it accidentally?

CSUN has clear rules about plagiarism and it’s your responsibility to follow them.

If you rewrite it, it’s not plagiarism?

You must always cite another person’s work regardless of how you have altered it.  

You don’t have to cite your own work?

This is called self-plagiarism and it’s wrong and can be illegal.   

Plagiarism is all about how much you plagiarize?

The amount doesn’t matter.  

Plagiarism only matters in the courses in your major?

The consequences of plagiarism are the same regardless of the course.

It’s only a problem in schools?

Acts of plagiarism can destroy your career and professional reputation.

American students never plagiarize?

Plagiarism also occurs among domestic students, don’t hesitate to ask questions if you are confused.

Why Should I Care About Plagiarism

[Why should I care about plagiarism]

[It’s very late at night and you are so tired but you have an assignment due tomorrow. You think to yourself, “There is no way I could get this assignment done in time. I can barely understand this professor. What will happen if I fail or get a horrible mark? I will get in so much trouble. My parents will kill me. I have to get good grades. There has to be an easier way.” So you think to yourself, “Could I maybe pay someone to do this assignment for me, or maybe I could ask my friend to use their assignment to see how they did it, or just change the words and make it my own.”

But, using others’ ideas without giving them proper credit is plagiarism.The consequences are real. Plagiarism is plain and simple fraud and it can get you expelled! Why is plagiarism serious? It’s stealing, and it’s dishonest and unfair.It takes away from another's original work. When you plagiarize someone’s work, they are a victim and you are being unjust. It stops you from learning how to properly do research. Plagiarizing stops the advancement of knowledge and ideas.If you do it on purpose it means you have no integrity.

What if you get caught? CSUN has a very clear policy on Academic Integrity.Your professor can give you a failing grade notify the University Administration or request disciplinary action against you. Still need more help? CSUN is here for you! ]

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