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Affordable Learning $olutions

The official website of the CSUN AL$ initiative.

Free Electronic Books/Textbooks, Articles, Media, etc. for CSUN Students and Faculty


In light of the COVID-19 outbreak and the widespread transition to online learning, many publishers and information resource providers are temporarily making their offerings available to students and faculty free of charge. Some of those resources are listed below.

To get started:

Watch the below recorded video of AL$'s April 2020 webinar

Embed a Canvas page on course materials for your students

For general information on CSUN and Oviatt Library's responses to COVID-19, please visit:
CSUN COVID-19 Official Webpage and Oviatt Library COVID-19 Updates and Resources.

CSUN Library Resources

Find e-books, journals, and other content we already have licensed:


Journals & Other E-Resources

Videos & Films

Online Courseware

COVID-19 Research

Library Vendors

Resources that must be activated at the library and/or institution level are listed here. Click "more" for details and activation instructions.


Open Educational Resources

In addition to the resources listed above, don't forget to check out our OER Guide to find educational resources that are always freely available to use and share.


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