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Art of Los Angeles

Find resources related to art of Los Angeles via the Oviatt Library.

Search Strategies

Check out this video to learn how to manipulate your search to get the resources you need.

Brainstorming Topics

Brainstorming Keywords

Before you begin your search, compile a list of potential keywords related to your topic. For example:

  • locations such as Gallery Row
  • artists such as Ed Ruscha
  • styles such as Art Deco

Using Quotes

Quotations can be used to search phrases. For example:

  • "San Fernando Valley"
  • "arts and crafts movement"

Putting these terms in quotes means that the words will be searched as a phrase rather than each word separately.

Using Boolean Operators

Keywords can be combined with other keywords using the AND operator to narrow your topic. For example:

  • Los Angeles AND graffiti

Keywords can be combined with synonyms using OR to broaden your search. For example:

  • Watts Towers OR Towers of Simon Rodia

Combining Search Strategies

Terms in quotes can be combined with Boolean operators. For example:

  • artists AND "San Fernando Valley"