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Central American and Transborder Studies

Welcome to the Central American Studies Subject Guide. Use the left navigation links to learn about the kinds of Central American Studies resources available to CSUN students and faculty.


  • Belize = Belice
  • Belizean = Beliceño, -a
  • Costa Rica = República de Costa Rica
  • Costa Rican = Costarricense  (or, Ticos)
  • El Salvador = República de El Salvador
  • Salvadorans =  Salvadoreño, -a
  • Guatemala = República de Guatemala
  • Guatemalan = Guatemalteco
  • Honduras = República de Honduras
  • Honduran = Hondureño, -a (or Catracho(a))
  • Nicaragua = República de Nicaragua
  • Nicaraguan = Nicaragüense
  • Panama = República de Panamá
  • Panamanian = Panameño, -a

Use this list of country names and demonyms to find sources related to Central American and Central Americans in the United States.

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