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CJS 454: Minorities & Criminal Justice

Course guide for CJS 454

Communication Studies, Criminology & Justice Studies Librarian

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Isabelle Ramos
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Hello Matadors! Welcome to the CJS 454 Course Guide.

The purpose of the this guide is to help you learn how to navigate the Oviatt Library's website and collections to complete your research. Need additional help? You can schedule an appointment with me. Should the available appointment times not work with your schedule, please contact me via email.

Good Luck!

Determining Keywords

  1. Once you have chosen a topic, write it down in the form of a question or brief statement:
    • What is the relationship between SAT scores and college success?
  2. Pull out the keywords and phrases that are most specific to your topic:
    • "SAT scores" and "college success"
  3. Take those keywords and phrases and brainstorm related terms, concepts or synonyms
    • SAT scores > "scholastic aptitude test" or "college admission test"
    • college > "university" or "higher education"
    • success > achievement
  4. Formulate a search strategy using boolean search, wildcards, phrases, etc.
    • (SAT OR "scholastic aptitude test") AND (college OR universit*) AND (succe* OR achieve*)

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