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ENGL 115-56 University Writing

This course guide is created for ENGL 115, section 56, for Fall 2021.

Avoiding Plagiarism

Plagiarism is using facts or ideas from another source without attribution, thereby presenting it as original work.

Adapted from CSUN Policies and Procedures


Best Practices to Avoid Plagiarism:


Adapted from: Vega García, S.A. (2012). Understanding plagiarism: Information literacy guide. Iowa State University. Retrieved  from [Accessed February 8, 2018]

MLA Style Guides, 9th Edition

Basic MLA formatting guidelines 

  • A Works Cited list should be organized alphabetically by author’s last name.
  • Works Cited list should be double spaced with a hanging indent.
  • In-Text citations should be placed directly after the quote or paraphrase. Information needed: (Author’s Last Name page number)
    • Parenthetical citation: “Direct quote” (Furlong 25).
    • Narrative citation, if the author is mentioned in the sentence, only provide the page #. Example: Furlong found that “direct quote” (25)
  • Publication date should be formatted day month year with the month abbreviated. It could also be: month year or season year. Examples:
    • 26 July 2016
    • Dec. 2015
    • spring 2016
  • Abbreviations: If the month is more than 4 letters, abbreviate as follows: Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec.

MLA Style Center provide citation guideline for common titles of online works.

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