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HIST 270- The United States to 1865

This guide is intended to support the research needs of CSUN students enrolled in History 270

Recent Books of Interest

Definitions to Keep In Mind

Primary Sources​ - Are accounts, images, or artifacts created by someone who experienced the event​

  • Examples: diaries, letters, memoirs, journals, speeches, manuscripts, interviews, newspapers, magazines, photographs, & songs. 

Secondary Sources-  Are sources (articles or books) that provide an interpretation of a primary source or set of primary sources​

  • Examples: books, journal articles, sites like American Yawp, but also podcasts and documentaries. 

Your Assignment (Jenrich)

How can you locate information (primary and secondary sources) to help you evaluate to what extent the reform movements of the antebellum period helped, as well as hindered, the quest for freedom in the ​United States?​

temperance movement, teetotalism,

prison and/or asylum reform

women’s rights, suffrage

creating public school systems

abolitionism/abolishing slavery

limits on child labor/ growth of labor unions

Magdalene societies (1830s and 1840s) to rehabilitate prostitutes and discourage male solicitation

Animal Rights - anti cruelty laws

To Search Subjects think of structures like this:


Insane -- Committment and detention -- 19th century.

Status of women -- United States -- 19th century.

Mentally ill women -- Treatment -- United States -- History -- 19th century.


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