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MATH 131 and 331: Mathematical Ideas and Explorations


Refine my results section of OneSearch showing how to include only articles

When using OneSearch, there are helpful tools to narrow down just to articles. In the Resource Type section, you can choose Articles, which will include scholarly journal articles and magazine articles. If you're really only looking for scholarly material, you may wish to choose Peer-reviewed Journals in the "Show Only" section above Resource Type.

If you're looking for more information on recent events, you probably won't find peer-reviewed articles. Scholarly articles may take a year or more to publish, so if you need current information, newspaper articles or other online resources may be a better choice.



Using filters in OneSearch to find physical and electronic books

When looking for books in OneSearch, you can use the Books option in Resource Type. When you do, you'll find both print and electronic books. If you'd prefer to narrow your results down just to print books, then you can select "Available at CSUN" in the Show Only section. However, you may be interested in electronic books, especially if you can't make it into the library or someone else has already checked out a print book you were looking for. In that case, you can use the "Available Online at CSUN" option.

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