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MKT 304: Marketing Management

Guide to support all sections of MKT 304.


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Lindsay Hansen Brown

APA Business Citations

Find marketing journals

American Marketing Association: Browse Marketing News on AMA's site, and then use OneSearch to find the full text of any articles of interest.

Top marketing journals include:

Business Magazines from LA Public Library

With a library card from Los Angeles Public Library (or most public libraries in the United States), in addition to checking out e-books and e-audiobooks, you can check out magazines using Overdrive. You can then read these magazines using a computer or tablet. Here is an example of some business/finance magazines that are available.

How to find SWOT analysis & Company Profiles

If you are new to SWOT analysis, check out this definition from A Dictionary of Business & Management.

If your instructor has asked you to do a SWOT analysis, be sure to check if you are to create one from scratch, or if you are allowed to review ones created by professionals.

When searching in Business Source Premier, enter the company name and in the second box, enter SWOT as a title (not a keyword).

If you use a SWOT analysis from a database, don't forget to cite! We have a full guide to APA.

More info is available on the left part of this guide, labeled APA Business Citations.

Not all companies will have a SWOT analysis in Business Source Premier. Try using OneSearch with your company name and SWOT, and you can find something in GlobalData Company Profiles.

Creating a perceptual map? Try this Excel template to get started. A perceptual map, according to the Oxford Dictionary of Media & Communication, is "a diagram with a horizontal and a vertical axis which is particularly associated with brand positioning and market mapping, with axes such as: quality vs price (high and low), or vs traditional–modern, and price vs performance–fashion."

Find pricing strategies and supply chains

You may be able to find articles (in the Wall Street Journal or other business news sources) about a company's pricing strategies, but it is more likely that you will need to consult several sources and draw your own conclusions. Aside from databases, you should consult:

  • company website
  • competitor websites
  • annual report (current and historical)
  • online/in-store pricing

You can use Mintel and search for pricing information in a consumer behavior or product report. Search by industry, rather than specific company, in this case. Use Business Source Premier or the Wall Street Journal to find articles discussing the product and price.

To find supply chain information, you also need to consult multiple sources and connect the dots. Try consulting:

  • annual reports/websites (you may find a section on supply chains, otherwise search for sustainability)
  • articles in Business Source Premier and Wall Street Journal (keywords for the industry, company, supply chain, logistics)
  • industry profiles in IBISWorld (this will give you info on the industry supply chains as opposed to just your company)
  • Mintel has 'retail channel' sections that might help


Find articles and data

Find newspaper articles

When your instructor assigns a specific story in the Wall Street Journal, if you can't find it using the WSJ app or ProQuest, try searching based on the date, the author's last name, a few keywords from the title. Often a story will have a different title or tagline in print versus online. As an example, in a recent print edition, there was an article "War Pinches Supply Chain, Driving Up Prices Globally" by Patrick Thomas and Alistair MacDonald. The headline is the same in ProQuest, but on the WSJ website, the article is called "How War in Ukraine Drives Up Inflation at U.S. Farms, Supermarkets, Retailers." If you are having trouble finding a specific article, before you pay to get access, ask a librarian.

Receive news alerts

To receive notifications by email that a new issue of a newspaper or journal is available, create a free account with the database.

For example, to receive alerts for the Wall Street Journal, create a My Research account, and then set an alert.

To receive notifications for new issues/articles of Harvard Business Review, create a My EBSCO account.
Then set an alert for HBR.

For any other journal or newspaper alerts, first check to see where it is available at the Library:

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