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Multimedia Projects

This guide is to help students who need or want to work on multimedia projects for non-multimedia classes and majors as well as for students who are new to multimedia production.

Need Help with Your Project?

Come to the CMS for assistance. Don't know when? Take a look at our student assistant schedule to find out when the software expert you need is working to get one-on-one help:

Creative Software Support

If the student assistant you need help from is not available or unable to assist you, feel free to contact:

Eva Cohen's Bitmoji

Eva Cohen

Eva works M-Fr 8:30am-5pm.


But I am not a CTVA Major!

You were assigned a multimedia project for your class and you are asking yourself any of these questions:

  • What is a Multimedia Project? huh?
  • Why did my professor do this? I'm not in the CTVA program...
  • How do I start this?
  • When should I work on this? I have work, 3 more classes, life...
  • Who can help me with this project? 
  • Where can I get the tools I need to get this done?

Or maybe you just want to learn more about Multimedia Production and want some tips to get started.


Creative Media Studio

Creative Media Studio Logo

The Creative Media Studio is located on the Main Floor, West Wing, of the University Library (818) 677-2595

Regular Semester Hours: 
Monday - Thursday 9am - 8:45pm
Friday 9am - 4:45pm
Saturday - Sunday 12pm - 4:45pm
For a complete list of equipment, software, and services available at the Creative Media Studio, and for our up to date hours of operation, please visit our website or follow us on Instagram.

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