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Streaming Video

This guide provides resources for finding and using streaming video material, from both the University Library and around the web.

Questions about Streaming Video?

For questions related to streaming video, please contact avram anderson at

If you have a video recommendation for the library, you can submit a video request that we may consider. Note that we cannot add any titles to Swank or add titles that are exclusively on Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, etc. Our priority is to purchase streaming content and while we can purchase DVDs and other physical media, we are unable to digitize our physical media.

Faculty FAQ

Q: Can I show my class a film via my personal streaming account (i.e. Netflix, Amazon)?
A: It depends - this may be a violation of your contract with the content provider. Services such as these are often restricted to personal and non-commercial use only, so double-check your license agreement before proceeding.

Q: I'm teaching an online-only course, how can I show a film to my class?
A: Submit a Video Request/Reserve Form to see if the library may add a title to an existing vendor collection (Kanopy, Alexander Street Press, etc). Instructors may also ask students to purchase the film via a subscription service such as Netflix or Amazon. The University Library is not able to purchase licenses or subscriptions to any consumer platform: Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Disney+, etc.

Q: Can the library transfer a VHS to a DVD to streaming for me?
A: No. Copyright law doesn't allow the transfer of formats without permission of the copyright holder, and the library does not offer reformatting services.

Finding videos

Use OneSearch to find streaming videos (or DVDs/Blu-Rays). You can search by title, director, actor, etc. For example, to find Ben Affleck's streaming titles available at CSUN, search his name, limit to Video, and then Available Online at CSUN:

For titles that only appear as DVDs or Blu-rays, we are unable to stream these titles to a classroom, Zoom, or Canvas. We are also not able to rent or purchase titles from iTunes, Hulu, Netflix, Prime Video, etc. 

Using Kanopy through your public library

You can get a card for checking out items, or you can get an e-card, which allows you to stream films, borrow e-books, and listen to music. If you live in Los Angeles County, you may get an LAPL e-card. During normal operating procedures, anyone in the State of CA may get an LAPL card. You can have multiple accounts/memberships with Kanopy, such as LAPL plus CSUN or LA County Library plus CSUN. Please see this guide for more info.

Sample Kanopy screenshot (The Bicycle Thief)

More than 30,000 films are available to stream on Kanopy (LAPL) through Los Angeles Public Library.

Live within LA County but outside the City of Los Angeles? Sign up for an LA County Library card.

If you live in Ventura, Orange, or LA County, you can sign up for a Beverly Hills Public Library card. 

The City of Orange Public Library offers e-cards to California residents.

Newport Beach Public Library also offers e-cards to California residents.

Berkeley Public Library offers e-cards to California residents.

Riverside County Library System has Kanopy and is available for all California residents.

Fresno County Library offers Kanopy to its residents, with instant e-cards.

San Joaquin Valley Library System (7 counties including Madera, Stanislaus, and Merced) offers Kanopy plus instant e-cards.

Sonoma County Library offers e-cards for residents of the County.

Streaming Video Collections at CSUN

Free streaming trials (NOT AFFILIATED WITH CSUN)

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