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Affordable Learning Solutions at CSUN

The official website of the CSUN AL$ initiative.
“I participated in AL$ because I discovered that one reason students failed my class was because they didn’t read the textbook.”  Prof. Virginia Huynh, CADV 352 Instructor, Matador AL$ Awardee
“The course objectives and student learning objectives can be met more accurately or thoughtfully when utilizing OER.”  Prof. Lisa Chaudhari, QS 208 Instructor, Matador AL$ Awardee
“Through participation with AL$, we reduced the cost for this class by 200% with an actual cost savings of $425 per student.”  Prof. Stephanie Hood, PSY 553 Instructor, Matador AL$ Awardee
“[OER] helped me create more targeted, interactive APA formatting lessons useful to my students and more connected, relevant to their work.”  Prof. Shu-Sha Angie Guan, CADV 380 Instructor, Matador AL$ Awardee

AL$, or Affordable Learning Solutions, is an initiative by the CSU Chancellor’s office to promote the use of low- or no-cost course materials to reduce the financial burden on students. Since 2016, AL$ has saved CSUN students over $1,000,000 in textbooks.

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