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Data Management and Sharing Plans

Guide for creating data management plans

Introduction to data management


We’re here to help you manage, share, and preserve your research data. University library staff will help you to curate your own data to preserve it for not only personal use but also for meeting specific funding requirements. This guide will help you to go through the process of managing your own data and creating your own data management plans in the following phases:


  • Before Your Research Begins

    • Schedule a data management plan (DMP) consultation;
    • Develop a plan of action for data management
    • Explore funding agency requirements for data
    • See more tools for planning for data management initiatives
  • During Your Research

    •  Attend workshops and explore online training resources on best practices for data management
    •  Get help creating documentation and using metadata standards
    •  Discover appropriate CSUN campus services for data, such as data storage & file recovery
    •  Access tools for managing your data during your research
  •   After Your Research Ends

    • Self-archive your data in a specific disciplinary repository
    • Share your data in CSUN ScholarWorks Open Access Repository (SOAR)
    • Discover more tools for archiving and sharing your data after your research ends

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