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JS 335 Jewish Identity in the U.S.

This LIbGuide is meant to provide library resources and research strategies for students enrolled in JS 335 - Jewish Identity in the U.S. a course about the social-scientific study of American Jewish religious and ethnic identity. It focuses on the social

Print and Online Print Sources

When you retrieve articles from databases it is important to think critically about their authority and content.  Your assignment may call for you to only incorporate and cite information from peer reviewed journals.

What is Peer Review?

Many scholarly articles are peer-reviewed, which is when the journal’s editor has other researchers in the field review the article before it is published. They evaluate the content and procedures used and recommend whether the article should be published as is, revised, or rejected. Peer-reviewed journals are also known as refereed journals.

To check if the article is peer-reviewed, you can

  • Check the About or Focus/Scope section of the journal’s webpage. Many journals will say if they are peer-reviewed on these pages.
  • Remember to limit to peer review if the database allows you to do so.
  • Look the journal up in Ulrichsweb see if it is peer-reviewed. 


Ulrich's Periodicals Directory provides detailed information on more than 300,000 periodicals of all types published worldwide: academic and scholarly journals, open access publications, peer-reviewed journals, popular magazines, newspapers, and newsletters.

Popular Versus Scholarly

Popular Sources

Popular sources are largely intended to entertain, but sometimes also to inform. However, the threshold of proof required to publish information in a popular source is relatively lower than academic sources. 
Academic Sources

Academic sources require peer review, which includes the approval of experts on the subject in order for publication to be improved.


Evaluating Websites

In this video you will learn: How to determine if a website is a good source for your assignment.

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