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Student Clubs and Organizations Records (SCOR)

Information for student clubs and organizations interested in caring for and maintaining their records and those that may be interested in donating their records to University Archives & Campus History Collections in the university library.

About this Guide

The Student Clubs and Organizations Records (SCOR) guide is designed with student clubs and organizations in mind. University Archives & Campus History is here to assist clubs and organizations develop sustainable recordkeeping practices and assist in the preservation of their history. These tools will assist in the identification of records (things like correspondence, meeting minutes, financial records, event photographs, and newsletters) to keep and which can be discarded as well as identify some best practices for storing, organizing, and making your records accessible.

These methods are meant to be easily integrated into existing recordkeeping practices, making them easy to pass down to future leaders and members. Adopting some of these methods will help ensure that your group’s accomplishments are being preserved as part of CSUN's history.

If your group is interested in using this toolkit but is unsure about donating their records to the University Archives & Campus History collections, that's perfectly alright! The University Archives is only one of many options available to you for the long-term preservation and storage of your records. Your decision to donate will not change the availability of this guide or your group's access to consultation with the archives.

About University Archives & Campus History Collections

The University Archives & Campus History is part of Special Collections and Archives housed in the university library. We are the repository for the historical records of the California State University, Northridge. These records are format-independent and include papers, artifacts, photographs, and other media. 

We collect, on an on-going basis, the official papers of the University administration, schools and departments, and auxiliary organizations. While we endeavor to collect student, faculty, and staff experience at CSUN, these areas are underrepresented in our collections. Students can help fill this gap in the historical record by donating their organization's inactive records.

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