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Scholarly Communications at CSUN

Guide for ScholComm issues at CSUN, including open access, copyright, journal publishing, data management plans, and researcher impact measurement

What is 'ScholComm'?

Scholarly Communications is a wide area of topics covering the lifecycle of research from the beginning of a project to its end. Many ScholComm issues deal with how research is published and shared.

At CSUN's University Library we assist faculty in areas related to copyright, Open Access (OA) publishing, data management planning, and open educational resources. Other important areas include article metrics (and altmetrics) and researcher profile management.

Please feel free to contact Andrew Weiss in the library about questions related to the long-term management of and access to your digital scholarship.




"If knowledge matters, it must matter beyond the boundaries of our campuses."

We strongly advocate for Faculty to retain control of their work when publishing publicly-funded research at a publicly supported university like CSUN; this advocacy includes supporting initiatives for the open access to information for all constituents, on campus and beyond.

We support OA publishing and open journal creation; we strongly support OA mandates and initiatives across the CSU system as well as Federal mandates for open data, such as the 2022 OSTP Memo and the NIH's new guidelines for data sharing.

Open access is a faculty rights issue.


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