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AIS 301 -American Indians and Pop Culture

This guide is intended to support student research for CSUN students enrolled in American Indians Studies (AIS) 301 American Indians and Pop Culture

Welcome to your American Indian Studies AIS 301 Library Research Guide

Welcome to your research guide for AIS 301 American Indians and Pop Culture. This guide was created to help assist you with your course assignments and research. As you know from your Canvas Course created by your professor, you will be exploring "the contemporary contributions of Native North American pop-culture practitioners and the social, political, artistic, and historical contexts of their contributions...with analysis and interpretation of representations of American Indians in popular culture, which may include art, literature, advertising, cinema, television, sports, and music"

The goal of this library research guide is to help you learn how to locate books, articles and other resources, within the realm of American Indian Studies and American Indians in Popular Culture, to help your with all your course research and assignment needs.

Keeping Up With News/ Current Topics

You can learn more about current events in Indian Country by following news at:
Native American news, information and entertainment.

Indian Country Today

Books on American Indians in Popular Culture

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