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Finding and Accessing News Articles

Evaluating News

Evaluating information is imperative before using it in your research papers or presentations. Be prepared to fact-check claims that you come across, and pay attention to where the information is coming from. Use the tips on this page to learn how to identify bias as well as how to evaluate news, journal articles and websites.

Evaluating Sources for Credibility." North Carolina State University Libraries, published on YouTube 9 June  2015.

Fact Checking Sites

Fact-checking websites can help you investigate claims to help you determine whether what you hear or read is true. These resources can help you determine the legitimacy of a claim, but even fact-checking websites should be examined critically. 

  • PolitiFact
  • The Poynter Institute / Fact-Checking Resources
  • Washington Post Fact Checker
  • LinkedIn

Media Bias

News Quality Chart

This news quality chart, created by patent lawyer Vanessa Otero, shows that all major media outlets have some level of bias.  Depending on where they fall, they may present a more liberal or conservative take on a news story.  For more information about her reasoning, check out her blog post at All Generalizations are False

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