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Criminology & Justice Studies

Research guide for CJS students

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Call Numbers are the letters and numbers that libraries use to organize books on the shelves, and can usually be found on the spine of each book. Books are grouped together on the shelf by topic, so if you find a helpful book, be sure to check nearby shelves to see if anything else looks useful. 

Criminology call numbers usually start with the letters HV and can be found on the third floor of the Library. Here is a detailed breakdown of Criminology call numbers:

Call Number Range Subject
HV 4997-5840 Substance Abuse
HV 6001-6030 Criminology (general)
HV 6035-6079 Criminal anthropology
HV 6080-6113 Criminal psychology (see also W 740)
HV 6115-6118 Causes of crime
HV 6121-6143 Crime & heredity (biological)
HV 6150-6249 Crime - environment
HV 6250 Victims of crime
HV 6251-7220 Crimes & offenses
HV 7231-9960 Criminal justice administration
      HV 7428 Social work with delinquents and criminals
      HV 7431 Prevention of crime, methods, etc.
      HV 7435-7439 Gun control
      HV 8081-8099 Private Detectives
      HV 8688 Restorative justice
      HV 8694-8699 Capital punishment
      HV 9069-9108 Youth crime
      HV 9507 Corrections


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