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Criminology & Justice Studies

Resource guide for CJS Research

Using Westlaw

Enter your keywords here (i.e. cybercrime) or use the case name (i.e. Morse v. Frederick) to find information.



You also have the option to choose specific types of sources, court circuit, state courts, and tools.



To navigate through results either scroll down the page or jump to specific sections by choosing from the options on the left side of the page. 



The flags on the left of the cases denote how postively/negatively a case has been referenced in other proceedings or decisions.


Click on a box to the left of the result before choosing one of several options on how to save or email the resource.


Hein Online

You have several ways to find resources in HeinOnline - you can do a search by full-text, by a specific citation, for specific publications owned by HeinOnline, or by a case law citation.

The most straight-forward option is to enter your keywords in the main full text search field. In this example, enter in the specific name of a case (Morse v. Frederick).


After entering in your keywords, you'll have several tools to refine how to view your results. You can narrow down by date, title of the law review publication, etc.

To access articles that come up in your results. Click on the title to read the full article. You can also download the pdf or email yourself the article - these options are located to the right of the article title on the results page.

You can also access download options after clicking to the article - these will be located just above the text.

Nexis Uni (formerly LexisNexis)

There are two ways to find legal resources in Nexis Uni (formerly LexisNexis). You can search via the 'All Nexis Uni' on the right side of the site and then choose the category(ies) to begin your search. Consider using terms like 'computer crime' or 'cybercrimes' to find cases.


Or you can go 'Guided Search' towards the bottom of the main page and choose to search by either 'Cases' or 'Law Reviews'. Don't forget to enter in your search term the next entry box over.

If you choose to search by 'Cases', you'll be given the option to search by 'Federal Cases' or 'State Cases'. If you're interested in 'State Cases' be sure to specify the state you are focused on; for example - California, Maryland or Florida.




From the results page, you can either scroll through all of the results or use the categories on left side to narrow your focus on cases by specific courts, by date, or by practice area and topics.




Similar to the Westlaw database, Nexi Uni provides indicators of how positively, or negatively, a case has been referenced in other court proceedings and decisions.

You can then forward a result in several ways - print, email, download, export references or save to the cloud; these options will be directly above the results list. Hover over the various icons to learn what their functions are.


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