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MKT 346: Marketing Research

MKT 348: Consumer Behavior

Marketing Librarian

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Lindsay Hansen Brown


Richard K. Miller and Associates (RKMA) Market Research Handbooks are useful for industry analysis and consumer analysis. Titles are specific and limited.

Consider looking at a business plan from Business Plans Handbook available from the library to see examples of how to structure and compose a business plan.

Plunkett publications: These almanacs contain information on topics such as companies, branding and marketing.

International Directory of Company Histories: This ebook provides detailed company histories.


Consumer Expenditure Survey and American Time Use Survey:  Information provided by the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).


New Strategist publications cover a wide variety of consumer demographic information including their Who's Buying series. Data is from BLS's Consumer Expenditure Survey


Government Tools

Explore Census Data is a resource for searching U.S. Census data. You can filter by age, income, year, race, and location.

Bureau of Labor Statistics data from the Consumer Expenditure Survey, and American Time Use Survey to determine American values and trends.

Business Dynamic Statistics takes census data and allows you see economic data on job creation, startups and shutdowns, business openings, expansions, and closures. 

International Database provides information on the areas of the country with large numbers of certain types of businesses. 

Federal Committee on Statisical Methodology provides an up-to-date forum for finding data released by federal agencies, including agriculture, education, transportation, and energy.

Business Tools

Neilson's MyBestSegments provides researchers with tools to understand an area's demographic information and lifestyle habits. You can find out which areas would be most receptive to a campaign or launch, which competitors are located nearby, and trends in the area that have shifted. 

Mapping LA- Demographic information on Los Angeles residents.

Use Google Dashboard for research Insights on studies about consumer behavior, brands, and impacts on shopping.

Google Consumer Surveys - allows you to get quick insights of your consumers with data for $0.10/ response.

Survata online survey building form tool and advise from a survey analyst. Determine your target audience. Cost $1/ US respondent

Loop11 - usability testing that allows you to test even your competitors website.

Userlytics - usability testing for mobile apps, videos, display ads

Temper - get one question/answer feedback embedded into your website

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