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AIS 250 - American Indian and U.S. History

This guide is intended to help student identify library resources to support research projects assigned in AIS 250.


Your AIS 250 course has an assignment called "Rewriting History".  For this assignment you are being asked to use primary sources to “rewrite” a significant event in history. You will be using identified primary sources to center your project's narrative on the experiences of Indigenous communities. This research guide is intended to help you locate primary sources and secondary background information on historical event that impacted indigenous communities in American History.

Strategies for Locating a Topic, Person, Event and then Connected Primary Sources

Find an event, person, place, tribe, or topic of interest such as local government, elections, court cases, protests, schools and education, justice system.

Identify a location or community

Find a narrative source, voice, document that reflects and indigenous perspective and then analyze.

Identifying Primary Sources or Topics and Subjects by looking at sources listed as reference in secondary source scholarly articles

Using timelines to identify events and locate names and incidents

Looking at popular source articles to learn more about events:

The U.S. government’s acknowledgement of the crime of Sand Creek in the Treaty of the Little Arkansas


Books of Possible Interest

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