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AIS 304: American Indian Law & Policy

This guide supports the Fall 2020 AIS 304 course taught by Professor Nicole Blalock

Getting Started on Your Research

​​​​​​As you conduct research for different assignments in this AIS course, you will need to locate information about your potential topics by using search terms defined by predetermined subject headings (LCSH Library of Congress Subject Headings) or keywords.  When you are searching for information for topics for your assignments you may need to look for information by using the following search strategies and vocabulary:

  • Search for Native American, Amerindian, Indian, First Peoples or indigenous as keywords
  • Search by the name of a particular tribe or cultural group (e.g., Cherokee or Apache)
  • Combine a tribal name with a topical word (e.g., Chumash mythology)
  • Identify the subject Indians of North America within One Search results.

Before you start your search, try to compile a list of potential keywords that best describe your topic. This is always a good idea, but it is especially useful for conducting searches in a new and interdisciplinary field, such as American Indian Studies. A good first place to start is to identify possible culture group names for your search.

Keeping Up With News/ Current Topics

You can learn more about current events in Indian Country by following news at:
Native American news, information and entertainment.

Indian Country Today

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