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GWS 302: Feminist Methods

This is a course guide intended to be used by students enrolled in CSUN's GWS 302 course.

Which Scholars to Cite & Citation Justice

Your assignments often call for you to cite peer-reviewed research. That being said, you can still decide which articles and scholars you want to cite to support your research. Recently many within academia are encouraging students and researchers to cite previously underrepresented voices thereby creating a movement of "citation justice".  

Citation Justice

Citation justice is the process of being intentional about who you cite in your own work to uplift and promote gender-diverse, Indigenous, people of color, and LGBTQIA+ voices to diversity the scholarship in academia. Who scholars choose to cite can have an impact on who will continue to be teaching in university classrooms, conducting research, and thriving in academia. 

Citation Audit Tools

Here are some helpful tools to help you in your assignment to identify diverse authors and to pay greater attention to addressing existing inequities in scholarly citations.

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