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Find resources and conduct research in anthropology via the University Library.

Search Strategies

Check out this video to learn how to manipulate your search to get the resources you need.

Brainstorming Keywords

Before you begin your search, compile a list of potential keywords related to your topic. For example, on the topic of women's economic rights in ancient Athens, keywords might include:

  • women
  • females
  • gender
  • economics
  • land ownership
  • property
  • economic rights
  • Athens
  • ancient Greece

Using Boolean Operators

Keywords can be combined with other keywords using the AND operator to narrow your topic. For example:

  • women AND media
  • women AND farming
  • women AND marriage

Keywords can be combined with synonyms using OR to broaden your search. For example:

  • women OR females

Using Quotes

Quotation marks can be used to search phrases. For example:

  • "global studies"
  • "international relations"
  • "ancient Rome"

Putting these terms in quotes means that the words will be searched as a phrase rather than each word separately.

Combining Search Strategies

Terms in quotes can be combined with Boolean operators. For example:

  • citizenship AND "human rights"

Is the Author an Anthropologist?

If an author is currently working as an anthropologist, he or she will be found most commonly working at a university and be listed on a university’s website. Their educational background, credentials, publications, and sometimes their CV will be listed. If the person is not living, or if you cannot find the person associated with a university, refer to one of the following works:

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