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Guide to LibGuides

An internal "guide to LibGuides" for CSUN guide creators.

Quick Tips for Accessibility

More information on

LibGuides Boxes:

  • Do not use the Tabbed box type - it is not ADA compliant

Iframes (including YouTube embeds)

  • Add title attribute and element content like this: 

<iframe title=”Video tutorial on finding a book at the University Library”
width="548" height="315"
frameborder="0" allowfullscreen><a href="
rWDN64k977o">Video tutorial on finding a book at the University Library</a>

The anchor element (the link between the opening and closing iframe elements) will be read by screen reader software but not visible to users.

Structural Elements

Headings and Lists

  • Starting with H3 use headings to organize content in Libguide boxes
  • Don't use headings just for appearance.
  • Us the list tools for bulleted and numbered lists


  • Use the right size -- always check mobile view
  • Always include an alt="TEXT" attribute to add the text equivalent in your image. 
  • Add descriptive Alternative Text in the image properties box when inserting images
    Image Properties dialog
  • Descriptive alt text should not include the word "image"
  • If the image is decorative or does not add meaning to the content, use alt=””



  • Link text should indicate where the link goes
  • Don't use "Click Here" as link text
  • Don't use the same link text for do different link destinations


  • Use tables for data only, not for layout
  • Data tables need a caption and a header row or column


Embed with title attribute and alternative link: 

<iframe title=”Video tutorial on finding a book at the University Library”
width="548" height="315"
frameborder="0" allowfullscreen><a href="
rWDN64k977o">Video tutorial on finding a book at the University Library</a>


  • NCOD  captioning services -- you need to sign in with your CSUN User ID (NOT your email like it says on the form).  Allow 6 weeks for processing.
  • Youtube captions can be generated automatically and are editable.
  • Library Systems may be able to help
  • Google Transcribe is a service we are testing
  • Make sure captions don’t run over other text on the video -- may require test the video on multiple devices before finalizing

Testing Your Guide

Compliance Sheriff Report, August 1 2018

Report ADA Problems with Library Services and Resources