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Japanese Language and Literature / 日本語

for CSUN Japanese Studies

Japanese Language and Literature: Japan Laws & Government Statistics

General information/Guides

  • Organizations and Names (pdf file) bi-lingual names of Japanese government organizations and positions
  • Daily Life Support for Foreign Nationals; 外国人生活支援ポータルサイト | (Immigration Services Agency of Japan.) English language information guide for foreigners nationals living in Japan. Includes processes and documents required by the government.
  • Japanese Law Translation Enables you to search Japanese laws and English translation

Subject Guides to Gov Information

Japanese Constitution

Japanese Laws | 法令 (hourei)

Cabinet and Agencies | 政府機関 (seifu kikan)

Information on Japan's Diet 議会関係 (gikai kaikan)

US Government Sources on Japan

There are many publications on Japan from the US Government. Make sure check the CSUN Library's Government Documents to learn more.

Selected sites to provide full-texts online

govinfo - Official U.S. government portal for core documents from all branches of government. - Official U.S. Government web portal and search engine

Internet Archive - Searchable database of US Gov't documents

Statistics general/Guides

English-language guide to statistical information about Japan

  • e-Stat Portal site for official statistics of Japan.

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