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Japanese Language and Literature / 日本語

for CSUN Japanese Studies

Japanese Language and Literature: Learning Tools for Japanese language


Learning Japan's society, culture, manners, etc.

Japanese Language Learning

Learning Japanese with Shogakukan

Web English-Japanese Dictionaries | 英和・和英 辞典 (ei-wa/wa-ei jiten)

Wiktionary A free-content multilingual dictionary. It aims to describe all words of all languages using definitions and descriptions in English. Includes Japanese words.

Jim Breen's Japanese-English Dictionary

English and Japanese learning aid.  Includes articles of world news, news from Japan, essays/column, finance, politics, sports, etc., with definitions in English/Japanese. You can paste a URL or block of text into the translator, and it provides the Japanese reading and English translation for words.

Web Encyclopedias | 百科事典 (hyakka jiten)

These are community developed web encyclopedias. Many people can edit anytime. Make sure to verify the information by consulting other sources before citing.


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