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Jewish Studies

Welcome to the Jewish Studies Guide which contains information and links to resources to support students in Jewish Studies courses at CSUN

Primary Sources/Repository Collections on the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

Primary Sources for Research on Israel/Israeli History in Conflict

  • Israel State Archives
    The Israel State Archives is the National Archive of Israel, located in Jerusalem. It contains records dating to the Turkish period until the present time which can be viewed in Hebrew and English (check top banner for options). The Israel State Archives also house private archives, audiovisual material such as photographs and maps, video clips and a variety of publications in Hebrew and English on subjects ranging from foreign policy to football and theater. There is a large British Mandate collection, which is mostly in English, and records of government and many other public figures.
  • Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs: Israel at War Primary Source Repository
    Perspectives on Israel at war – from the War of Independence 1948  to the Gaza War of 2012 – from those writing at the time, the primary sources of history. Includes transcripts of speeches and other primary source materials.
  • Settlements and Solutions
    The Washington Institute's interactive project, Settlements and Solutions, is a first-of-its-kind web-based geographic database that provides users engaged with the issue of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict a reliable source to explore Israeli settlements in the West Bank. Users of this mapping tool can explore settlement geography and demography and decide for themselves whether, given the circumstances on the ground, a two-state solution is still possible.
  • Toldot Yisrael
    An oral history project focusing on those who were at least 16 years old at the founding of the State of Israel. Now housed at the National Library of Israel.  See the National Library of Israel's Archive Collection.

For additional listings of archives visit: Directory of Contemporary Jewish Archives and Research Institutions 

Primary Sources - What are they?

Primary sources are first-hand accounts of an event or time in history that have yet to be interpreted by another person.
Examples of primary sources include:

  • diaries, journals, letters, interviews, speeches, memos, manuscripts - first-person accounts
  • memoirs and autobiographies
  • official records:government publications, census data, court reports, police records
  • minutes, reports, correspondence of an organization
  • newspaper and magazine articles written during the time of the event
  • photographs, paintings, film and television programs, audio recordings which document an event
  • opinion polls documenting attitudes during time of event(s)
  • artifacts: objects, tools, clothing, etc. of the time period or event

To learn about primary sources and how to use them in research, please see the Special Collections and Archives Tutorials. To view or learn about primary sources and other historical materials in our Special Collections and Archives, please use the University Library Finding Aid Database. For information on how to view these materials in person, see our Special Collections and Archives website.

For archives held at other California institutions, please search the Online Archive of California (OAC).

See Citing Archival Materials guide for creating citations for primary and other historical sources.

See Citing Archival Materials guide for creating citations for primary and other historical sources.

Primary Sources for Research on Palestine/Palestinian History in Conflict

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