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GBUS 600: Analysis of Contemporary Organizations

Citation managers

Saving your work!

Your course readings and projects will be useful to you after you graduate. Consider saving articles as PDFs in Google Drive or Dropbox. This is important because the majority of readings are not available for free to the general public: your instructor will assign readings from journals, magazines, and books. You can also create a personal library of citations (see the Citation managers box on this page) so that you will not waste time in the future trying to remember the name of an article.

You can also use myCSUNBox, but remember to download everything once you graduate so you don't lose anything. For your projects, you will want clean versions that you can present or use in interviews or meetings. You can think of everything as a personal portfolio or dossier: it is much easier to have items on hand than to try to recall things later.

When collaborating in your group work, you can consider using tools like Padlet and Trello.

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