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HSCI 438: International Health


Welcome to the HSCI 438 library research guide. The guide is designed to help you locate, evaluate and use a variety of resources for your research and assignments. 

Remember, always ask your professor about format related issues!

To navigate through the guide use the tabs on the left-hand side.

Brainstorm Search Terms

  1. Once you have chosen a topic, write it down in the form of a question or brief statement:
    • What is the relationship between SAT scores and college success?
  2. Pull out the keywords and phrases that are most specific to your topic:
    • "SAT scores" and "college success"
  3. Take those keywords and phrases and brainstorm related terms, concepts or synonyms
    • SAT scores > "scholastic aptitude test" or "college admission test"
    • college > "university" or "higher education"
    • success > achievement
  4. Formulate a search strategy using boolean search, wildcards, phrases, etc.
    • (SAT OR "scholastic aptitude test") AND (college OR universit*) AND (succe* OR achieve*)

Tips for Narrowing Your Topic


  • Narrow your focus to formulate a research question
  • Brainstorm related keywords and concepts
  • Reference resources can help you select and narrow your topic
  • Can you narrow your topic to a specific
    • Time period?
    • Event?
    • Geographical area?
    • Race, ethnicity, gender, or age group?

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