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Research resources for Journalism students



This Web site is geared toward the information needs of CSUN Journalism majors and includes resources relevant to print and broadcast journalism; photojournalism, and Spanish language media. Resources for both the working journalist and researcher of journalism as a discipline are provided.

Additional resources

See also Diversity and the Media, Freedom of the Press, History of American News MediaFact-Checking News and Mass Media Analysis and Criticism for related information.

Choosing the best resources to use for research involves several factors, including assignment requirements, currency of the research topic, and the depth of coverage needed.

Periodicals (magazines, newspapers, trade publications, and scholarly or peer-reviewed journals) are excellent sources of current and/or specific information for research projects.

Why not use Wikipedia? View this video from La Trobe University on why Wikipedia is not the best source to use for research assignments.

Need help from a reference librarian? Connect with a librarian virtually at Ask A Librarian at any time.

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