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JOUR 480: History of American News Media

To Find Background Information on Specific Publications

  • To find specific publications by title, search OneSearch by Journal Title to see if the University Library has it and how to access it. On the Library homepage, select the "journals" link under the OneSearch search box. Enter the title of the journal and submit search.
  • For famous publications, there might be a book about it. Search OneSearch by entering the name of the publication.
  • Search journalism and mass media encyclopedias by the title of the publication or the type of media, i.e., Hispanic press, ethnic media, etc. in Sage Knowledge.
  • For information about specific publications, do one or more of the following:
    • Search, which is an online directory of periodicals that is used to identify periodicals by title, subject, or publisher, for basic information about the publication.
    • Google the publication title to get the publisher's website, find it in an archive, etc. which typically provides detailed information about the title, including its scope, audience, etc.
    • Search the publication title in one or more of the library's news databases to browse the publication by date to or search by keywords within the publication to evaluate its coverage, scope, etc.

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