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Teacher Curriculum Center Digital Resources

Resources for curriculum and lesson development for K-12 educators

CA K-12 Online Resources Program

The California State Library's K12 Online Content Project

The California State Library's K12 Online Content Project provides statewide access to online subscription databases and encyclopedias for all K12 students in California.  

The PDF provides of an overview of subscriptions provided.  

How to Access the K12 Online Content Subscriptions 

If you work on a K-12 campus or have a child who attends any CA school in grades K-12, ask your teacher librarian or school administration about how to access to all of these through your school/district. 

ProQuest: Access via your K-12 School or your Public Library 

In addition to access through your school, ProQuest products may be accessed through public libraries. 

Britannica: Access through your Public Library

Use the link above then click on the Britannica resources.  Through your location it should redirect you to the public library log in page.  Alternatively, go find your public library digital resources and look for Britannica School.  

Gale & Teaching Books Access Through CSUN databases

Use the links below to access Gale Databases.  If you go to the K12 Online Content Project link above click on NatGeo for Kids while logged into the CSUN network, you will be able to access that resource as well.   

Why & How to Use These Databases for Teaching and with Students? 

From the CA State Library site: 

"Read the article “Online educational resources for deep literacy and learning are available for all California students and educators,” published in the September 2020 issue of California English." 


"The journal of the California Council for the Social Studies, The Social Studies Review, included an article about this project and how the online resources can be used for history and social studies. Read the article “Beyond Textbooks: Utilizing the California K-12 Online Content project for robust research and learning,” published in January 2020."

Or ask the teacher librarian or our librarians for help! 


CA State Library K12 ProjectTrainings and Recorded Webinars

The K-12 Online Resources Program has dozens of online trainings each year from the resource providers. All sessions are at no cost and often recorded for later viewing. See our training calendar, duplicate listings in the training catalog, or the lists of past recorded sessions.  

LAUSD Digital Library

The LAUSD Digital Library

The LAUSD Digital Library includes the resources included in the K12 Online Content Project. That means if you are on an LAUSD campus you can access these resources on the campus network. Your students in LAUSD will be able to access them with their LAUSD SSO. Likewise, if you have an LAUSD SSO, you can access them remotely following the district off campus protocols. Many of these resources are best used in collaboration with your school's teacher librarian. 

In addition, the LAUSD Integrated Library and Textbook Services (ILTSS) site has a list of vetted free websites organized by topics/subjects: Library - iLTSS / Free Internet Sites (

Other school districts should have similar offerings.  Ask your mentor teacher or the teacher librarian on your campus for more information about accessing online reference and database services.  


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