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Teacher Curriculum Center Digital Resources

Resources for curriculum and lesson development for K-12 educators


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Lisa Cheby

Finding the Right Resource: Legend for Codes

To help find the right resource, I've created a few codes you can find after each title: 

  • EL:  Elementary Resources 
  • MS: Middle School Resources
  • HS: High School Resources
  • ES: Ethnic Studies Resources
  • *: Materials I Personally Used in my Teaching 

General K-12 Interdisciplinary Lesson Resources

Interdisciplinary Curriculum and Lesson Resources 

These links provide a broad support for developing lessons/curriculum that can be applied to various grades and subjects.  If you are looking specifically for DEI resources and literacy support to enhance your subject area content or are designing interdisciplinary units, you should find support and inspiration there.   When appropriate, links go to sections on website for teachers/resources if part of a larger organization website.  

Instructional Strategies

Instructional Strategies 

Educational Technology and AI

AI Resources 

Interactive Presentation Tools

Media Literacy & Information Literacy

Reading and Literacy Support

Responding to Current Events

This section will contain general and specific resources for addressing and supporting all students through challenging local or global events.   

English Language Arts & Development Internet Sources

Math & Science Internet Sources


Social Studies Internet Sources

Links go to sections on website for teachers/resources if part of a larger organization website.   See also the tab for primary sources on the left and above interdisciplinary sources above.  

For more resources, see California Department of Education History-Social Science Teaching Resources Page, which also has a list of internet resources 

Visual & Performing Arts Internet Sources

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