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Family and Consumer Sciences

Subject Headings

When doing research, you usually begin by examining the books that have been written about your subject. Books provide background information and frequently have bibliographies that lead you to other valuable sources. To get a complete listing of the books on a subject owned by the libraries of CSUN, you must consult OneSearch.

Using the proper subject heading is crucial to the success of a search. The following is a suggested list of subject headings for finding books in OneSearch on different aspects of nutrition and foods. For a complete list of possible subject headings, consult the Library of Congress List of Subject Headings and its supplements. These are located in the Learning Commons behind the reference desk.

Nutrition Subject Headings:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Nutrition disorders
  3. Nutrition research
  4. Nutrition policy
  5. Nutrition - Study and teaching
  6. See also the subheading, "Nutrition" and Nutritional aspects,"
    used with groups of people and physical states respectively.

For example:

  1. Athletes -  Nutrition
  2. Children  - Nutrition 
  3. Infants Nutrition  - Pregnancy 
  4. Intellect  - Nutritional aspects 
  5. Mental illness  - Nutritional aspects

Food Science and Technology Subject Headings:

  1. Food
  2. Food additives
  3. Food analysis
  4. Food composition
  5. Food microbiology
  6. Food, Artificial
  7. Food adulteration and inspection
  8. Food consumption
  9. Food contamination 
  10. Food habits
  11. Food handling
  12. Food industry and trade
  13. Food law and legislation
  14. Food poisoning
  15. Food preservatives
  16. Food relief
  17. Food service
  18. Food supply

See also subdivision Food under subjects, e.g. Indians Food;
and particular foods and beverages, e.g. Bread, milk.

Other Related Subject Headings:

  1. Absorption (Physiology)
  2. Amino acids
  3. Antibiotics in food preservation
  4. Bioenergetics
  5. Carbohydrates
  6. Cookery
  7. Deficiency diseases
  8. Diet
  9. Diet in disease
  10. Dietaries
  11. High fiber diet
  12. Malnutrition
  13. Mineral metabolism
  14. Proteins
  15. Quacks and quackery
  16. Vitamin therapy
  17. Vitamins in human nutrition
  18. The names of particular amino acids, foods, vitamins, and minerals, etc. may also be used as subject headings.

General Databases

Specialized Databases

Nutrition Journals

  1. American Dietetic Association. Journal. R 1 .A52
  2. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. RC 1 .A428
  3. British Journal of Nutrition. TX 1 .B5
  4. Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology. Journal. TP 1 .C24
  5. Cereal Chemistry. TP 1.C317
  6. *Chemical Rubber Co. CRC Critical Reviews in Food Science and Technology. Journal. TP 1 .C4
  7. Dairy Council Digest. TX 1 .D35
  8. Dairy Record S 1 .D33
  9. Ecology of Food and Nutrition. TX 1 .E3
  10. FDA Consumer. HB 1 .F2
  11. Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology. Proceedings. QH 1 .F43
  12. Food and Chemical Toxicology. RA 1 .F6
  13. Food Manufacture. TX 1 .F637
  14. Food Processing. TP 1 .F55
  15. Food Technology. TP 1 .F66
  16. Food Trade Review. HB 1 .F66
  17. Frozen Food Digest TP 1 .F68
  18. International Journal of Food Science and Technology. TX 1. J64
  19. International Journal of Vitamin and Nutrition Research. QL 1 .I535
  20. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. S 1 .J6
  21. Journal of Applied Bacteriology. QL 1 .J6
  22. Journal of Dairy Research. S 1 .J64
  23. Journal of Dairy Science. S 1. J642
  24. Journal of Food Protection. S 1 .J658
  25. Journal of Food Science. TX 1 .J63
  26. Journal of Home Economics. TX 1 .H65
  27. Journal of Nutrition. R 1 .J653
  28. Journal of Nutrition Education. QL 1 .J676
  29. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture. TX 1 .J7
  30. Lipids. QL 1 .L5
  31. Metabolism, Clinical and Experimental. R 1 .M5
  32. Nutrition Reports International. QL 1 .N55
  33. Nutrition Reviews. TX 1 .N85
  34. Nutrition Society. Proceedings. TX 1 .N87
  35. Nutrition Today. TX 1 .N88

Nutrition Serials

  1. Advances in Applied Microbiology. QR 1 .A38
  2. Advances in Carbohydrate Chemistry and Biochemistry. QD 321 .A2
  3. Advances in Food Research. TX 537 .A25
  4. Advances in Lipid Research. QP 751 .A35
  5. Advances in Metabolic Disorders. RC 620 .A1 A35
  6. Annual Review of Microbiology. QR 1 .A5
  7. Advances in Nutritional Research. QP 141 .A1
  8. Advances in Protein Chemistry. QD 431 .A3
  9. Annual Review of Nutrition. QP 141 A1 .A64
  10. Bibliotheca nutritio et dieta. TX 341 .B5
  11. International Congress of Nutrition. Proceedings TX 345 .I63
  12. Vitamins and Hormones: Advances in Research and Applications. QP 801 .V5
  13. Western Hemisphere Nutrition Congress. TX 345 .W4
  14. World Health Organization. Technical Reports Series. RA 8 .A25
  15. World Review of Nutrition and Dietetics. QP 141 A1 .W6

General Reference Books on Nutrition

Nutrition and Food Science Books

Reference Books on Table of Food Values

Composition of Foods contains tables of food values with some background information on nutrition.

Reference Books on Health and Nutrition Requirements

Reference Books on Food Processing, Technology, Preparation

Reference Books on Additives and Flavorings

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